Affiliated Companies


An affiliated company of Hobby Lobby founded by David Green's son, Mart, as an independent retailer of Christian materials, office supplies, and educational products. Mardel has 21 retail outlets in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Visit Mardel's web site for more information.


An affiliated company of Hobby Lobby, which opened its doors in September of 2001 in Oklahoma City. Since then, four additional showrooms have opened in Texas. Offering a wide selection of home furnishings and accessories from around the world, Hemispheres specializes in the unique and luxurious comforts of life.


Ethno-Graphic Media
A non-profit ministry developing scripture-engagement and interactive learning materials for youth audiences through popular cultural and media tools.

Every Tribe

Every Tribe Entertainment
Every Tribe Entertainment was founded in 2003, and released its first motion picture, End of the Spear, in January 2006. They believe the most powerful stories are those that raise the most meaningful questions. Every Tribe Entertainment crafts captivating stories that explore truth beyond imagination ... from the world ... for the world.

Mart Green

Mart Green
Founder of Mardel, a chain of Christian and educational supply stores.